Twitter – “Who to Follow” Feature…

Twitter is currently testing out a new feature with its members called “Who to follow“… So when you log in there is a box on the home page that suggests two users you should follow… Doesn’t this sound familiar??? That’s because this is exactly what Facebook does… The basic purpose of this is to is […]

On Farmville Addiction!!!

For weeks now, there has been a serious issue demanding my attention… It’s even worse than drug addiction; even worse than nicotine addiction; even worse than food addiction; even worse than gambling addiction; even worse than shopping addiction… Its called Farmville Addiction…

Twitter Background with Avatar Image of Followers/Friends…

Most effective way to customize Twitter account is by using customized background image… Twilk is an online tool to create Twitter background image from avatar images of your Twitter followers… To get started, login into your Twitter account and click allow for access to this tool… It will automatically generate background image with avatar images of […]

Google Takes on Social Networking with Buzz!!!

Google has announced a new social networking service called “Buzz” that looks like Facebook but feels like Twitter… Buzz basically integrates your Gmail account and based on your location lets you share links, photos and videos, status updates with your contacts from your mobile device (supports iPhone, Android and Google has released a new version […]

Howto : Twitter from Command Line…

This is a tutorial explaining how to post to Twitter using command-line in Linux, without needing to even open up your web browser…. First, install the curl package: sudo apt-get install curl Next, create a script anywhere in your $PATH, for example inside ~/bin, where ~ is your home directory (make sure ~/bin is […]

Bing Gets Its Own (Not So Short) URL Shortener (FAIL)!!!

Looks like Microsoft is also about to start a URL Shortening service…Its called is not yet public and is currently available only for internal use… Bing’s employee @fareologist has been using to shorten URLs when tweeting… I don’t see gaining much traction… As compared to other URL Shortener its basically too […]

Shahrukh Khan on Twitter!!!

Shahrukh joined the rest of his Bollywood buddies on Twitter…. Guess blogging would be next for him….. ;) Anyways, i am sure this was like a new year wish granted for his fan’s around the world who have nothing better to do then to wait for tweets from SRK… Well if you are a Shahrukh […]

Coming Soon : The Google Phone!!!

The Google Phone or Gphone has been rumoured for a long time, and while many of us have doubted its existence until now, the evidence is mounting up. Numerous Google staff are actually using an unbranded Gphone, and pictures of it have been posted via Twitter. It’s called the Nexus One, it runs Google Android […]

Dell Makes Millions from Twitter!!!

With falling profits and ever growing competition from the likes of Acer and HP, Dell may not have a lot to cheer about.. But it told Bloomberg on Tuesday that it has earned an estimated $6.5 million in sales of PCs, accessories, and software, thanks to promotions on Twitter. Talking to Bloomberg, Dell’s online unit […]

Schmidt Joins Twitter!!!

Yes its true!!! Google CEO Eric Schmidt has joined twitter with an awful handle (eschmidt0)(Now he uses the handle @ericschmidt …. Current Googlers such as Hunter Walk (YouTube) and former Googlers such as Chris Sacca welcomed Schmidt to the service, pointing to his account, eschmidt0 @ericschmidt It’s weird as couple of months back we heard […]