The Value of Zero-Priced Software

Horace Dediu on why Apple is shifting to Zero-Priced Software: I believe the logic for Apple is that usage of the products determines their value and therefore placing powerful software in the hands of more users means they will value the entire system more. This leads to the notion of greater “stickiness” or “lock-in” but […]

Microsoft once again fails to understand that, when it comes to tablets, Windows isn’t a feature – It’s a liability

Rene Ritchie, on Microsoft’s new iPad vs. Windows 8 campaign: Instead of competing with that, trying to out do Apple at that, Microsoft, like almost everyone else before them, has fallen into the feature set trap. Here’s the problem with that — it doesn’t matter what something can do, it only matters what you can […]

Microsoft sells out of 128GB Surface Pro models online and in some stores

If you were wondering how well the public would take to a Microsoft-made tablet costing $899 or more… quite well, at least from initial impressions. The 128GB Surface Pro has sold out at Microsoft’s US online store, and checks suggest a lack of stock at both the company’s retail stores as well as Best Buy […]

Windows 8 : An Apple user’s view!!!

Before I start with the review, I would like to inform you that I’m an Apple user in every sense of the word.My computer’s a MacBook Pro, tablet’s an iPad & phone’s an iPhone. I’m as immersed in the Apple’s ecosystem as much as one could be. But still somehow Windows 8 caught my much […]

iPad still crushes the competition based on a sample of user tweets on Christmas

Not surprising at all…

If VLC can ship a free DVD player, why can’t Microsoft?

On of my favorite bloggers on Microsoft’s decision not to include DVD playback in Windows 8.

Microsoft to buy Skype…

For quite a while now all social networks have been buzzing with this rumor that Facebook, Google and Microsoft are interested in buying Skype… Today, the Wall Street Journal has confirmation that Microsoft is paying nearly $8.5 Billion to acquire the VOIP experts… This would definitely make Microsoft competitive with others… Skype is a cross-platform […]

Adobe Flash Vs. Microsoft Silverlight!!!

“Should I use Silverlight or Flash???” Many people ask this question… I’m not a fanboy of either Flash or Silverlight… I’m a web developer, and I choose the tools best to solve a problem… I agree to it that both Flash and Silverlight provide a great way to program rich applications with complicated interactivity… If […]

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates!!!

    Came across the really hilarious comic strip on Sad And Useless… You just have to have a look… Bill – I went to a bank yesterday to talk about a loan… Steve – What do you need a loan for??? Bill – i don’t, the bank does…

PHP vs. ASP!!!

In the world of web development, the option of which development language to use usually comes down to two well-liked choices… Web applications, specifically those relying on back end databases, are naturally being created by either Microsoft’s ASP.Net language, or the Open Source substitute language of PHP… ASP stands for Active Server Pages and PHP […]