The Value of Zero-Priced Software

Horace Dediu on why Apple is shifting to Zero-Priced Software: I believe the logic for Apple is that usage of the products determines their value and therefore placing powerful software in the hands of more users means they will value the entire system more. This leads to the notion of greater “stickiness” or “lock-in” but […]

How the iPhone and Bad Decisions Killed BlackBerry

Vauhini Vara, writing for The New Yorker: Shares in the Canadian maker of BlackBerry smartphones peaked in August of 2007, at two hundred and thirty-six dollars. In retrospect, the company was facing an inflection point and was completely unaware. Seven months earlier, in January, Apple had introduced the iPhone at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Executives […]

Jony Ive Redesigns Things Tumblr

Thanks to the crazy colours that iOS 7 is fast becoming unmistakably synonymous with, people are taking this to the extreme and out of context by imposing hyper colors on everything under the sun and blaming it on Apple’s SVP of Design Jonathan Ive. Yup, anything goes, really.

New 13-Inch MacBook Air Runs for 15 Hours of Backup

Now thats what I call an ultrabook! Joel Santo Domingo, reviewing the new 13-inch Air: Road warriors and jet travellers rejoice, we’ve found a laptop that will last all day and well into the night. The newest Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (Mid-2013) lasted an astonishing 15-and-a-half hours on a battery test that makes most current […]

Apple – Making a difference. One app at a time.

Coming hot off the heels of Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday, the video is a collection of stories from individuals who’s lives have been touched thanks to some of the remarkable apps developers have created for the iOS App Store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks at Duke University

He discusses collaboration, ethical leadership, career planning and more. Cook doesn’t address Apple specifically, but in response to a question about achieving good collaboration, he talks about the need to hire executives who don’t need their name in the spotlight and who are incredibly excited about the work they are doing.

Microsoft once again fails to understand that, when it comes to tablets, Windows isn’t a feature – It’s a liability

Rene Ritchie, on Microsoft’s new iPad vs. Windows 8 campaign: Instead of competing with that, trying to out do Apple at that, Microsoft, like almost everyone else before them, has fallen into the feature set trap. Here’s the problem with that — it doesn’t matter what something can do, it only matters what you can […]

Smartphone Specs Don’t Matter Anymore!

You heard me right. Specs. Don’t. Matter. Don’t get me wrong, having the latest smartphone, with the fastest processor and the biggest screen is not necessarily a bad thing, but in the current age where smartphones have started to mature is having latest and greatest always the best? I think sometimes it’s not. Of course, […]

Android is winning. Apple is winning.

Virtual Pants: People often forget that Google and Apple are playing the same game with different goals in mind. Apple strives to maximize profitability in hardware sales. Google, on the other hand, is striving for maximum market share, providing the most users for its services. This is a rare, if not unique, war where both […]

Why do people hate Apple?

Apple – It’s one company whose products awaken delight and admiration in numerous customers and inevitably alienate others who do not share these feelings. Maybe this is the reason why people despise Apple so much. Being an Apple fanboy I always find it confusing why people hate it so much, but In my views following […]