It’s come to an end…

Yet another journey has come to an end. This one was probably the most significant both personally and professionally. These two years marked the end of a long classroom education and probably paved the way for real & challenging life ahead.

The knowledge & experience which I take back from my MBA, I might not have learned if i had continued to work after my graduation. There were a plethora of moments of different shades and emotions like surprise on seeing a final exam paper of a subject for which you have not studied, joy & relief after seeing CGPA for terms where on did not study, anxiety , disgust etc, etc..The time spent at the “chai tapris”, cafeterias & at the tiered rooms for so called “important meetings” or case studies was priceless. These things are apart from MBA academics which I will always remember & cherish.

But the bitter fact that I may be seeing quite a few of my batch mates, with whom I spent 2 complete years, perhaps for the last time in my life makes me truly sad on this special occasion.

Over & above all this, I thank my B-school for everything it gave to me in academic & especially in non academic areas.