What’s wrong with Apple…

This post is basically about what Apple should be doing in the next couple of years. I know I’m not an analyst or a tech specialist but I’m writing this post seeing the trend over the last couple of years.

We all the story: Apple launches the iPhone, it’s so-called “THE SMARTPHONE” which anyone wants, as there hasn’t been any phone like that previously. And now step into the present and we see Apple losing to Google in terms of the number of phone s being sold.

I still remember the first versions of Android (testing it out on a virtual machine) were difficult to use, awful & awkward. And now over the period of coupe of years its matured into a wonderful OS for smartphones. There are still some bugs and rough edges but overall it has evolved phenomenally.

Now lets talk about Apple & iPhone, to start of its a piece of art, build quality of the hardware is still far superior than other smartphones and I find the screen size to be perfect considering the size of our palms. It’s impossible to use Galaxy SIII and Nexus 4 just with a single hand. I even find the battery life of the iPhone to be far superior than other Android devices in the same category.

My whole internet life runs on services that are not Apple dependent eg. Mail is Gmail & Google Apps, EBooks its Amazon, Flickr and WordPress on LAMP environment. Now due to technical and business restrictions, Apple has made using those services on iOS terrible. Example there is no Amazon store for iOS by which I can purchase EBooks. secondly, there is no dedicated app for Google Now. Google Now is an excellent app for people on the move, a single event like booking tickets through my GMail id triggers events like notifying me about when to leave for the airport, if i need to book a cab of not and even downloading vector maps of the place I’m visiting if my phone would not work at that particular place. Have a look at the video below.

What I feel is that Apple and its ideas tends to tick once or twice every year. Apple is always oriented around maintaining secrecy & then have big release. This concept works well for hardware & big software launches but its terrible for web services. The companies which thrive at web services are less synchronised and more like individual school of fishes, each team releasing incremental improvements that over time amount to something quite significant indeed.

But for some weird reason I feel that Apple’s culture should not change. But I do want there web services be able to compete with the ones of Google, on an even playing field. Mobile devices have evolved from what they were in 2007. I was quite supportive of the restrictions which Apple had put in place to guard user experience then. But its a whole new playing field now and people are irritated with these restrictions. It’s hampering not only innovation, but also productivity. Android is effectively the escape valve for mobile developers that want to do cool new stuff that doesn’t fit inside the box that Apple gives you.

And that’s a bummer. I want to be an iPhone user, but I also want access to all of the cool new stuff.

So, that’s my hope for iOS 7: make public the OS hooks that there web services use. Give the ability for users to choose there browsers, e-mail app and etc. We’ve appreciated the guidance, but we’ve all got the hang of this smartphone thing now. Let us do what we want.