How To : Hide WP Stats Smiley!!!

As most of WordPress user’s know Wp Stats is a great plugin that displays useful statistics on your dashboard such as Top posts & Searches… However, it will display a small smiley at the bottom of your page…

The best wayt o get rid of this is by inserting a code snippet at the end of your main css file, normally called “styles.css”:

img#wpstats {

The code above will reduce the image size to 0 and thus makes the smiley disappear. If something is still out of place in the immediate vicinity of the smiley, it is probably due to borders or spacing elements being applied to the image. Add these additional lines of codes between the “overflow:hidden;” and the closing curly bracket:

border: none;

DO NOT USE display:none to remove the smiley because that would prevent the statistics tracking from working because the image would not be loaded at all by the browser.