On Farmville Addiction!!!

FarmvilleFor weeks now, there has been a serious issue demanding my attention… It’s even worse than drug addiction; even worse than nicotine addiction; even worse than food addiction; even worse than gambling addiction; even worse than shopping addiction… Its called Farmville Addiction

I am NEVER a fan of Farmville… In fact, based on what I’ve learned, I’m going to do everything in my power to avoid playing it… I know it would eat a lot of my limited time if I get hooked to it, just how Twitter made me an addict these days… My Facebook life is limited only to posting my thoughts, commenting on my friend’s posts and chatting…

I find that FarmVille could have been just another stupid Facebook fad… It would have gone away… Just like when everyone used to pick their favorite five something or other… By far FarmVille is the most pointless of all the pointless Facebook applications AND the most visible thing on my home page…

Its like whenever i log into facebook i recieve a nice message…. “OH NO! MY FRIEND WHO I HAVEN’T SPOKEN TO IN YEARS JUST FOUND A LOST BLACK SHEEP ON THEIR FARM!!!” Now I remember why I haven’t spoken to you in years. :P OR “”YOUR FRIEND HAS BEEN PROMOTED TO PROFESSIONAL PLOWER STATUS!!!” (um, congratulations???

I never realized that farming is so attractive to people… If they can only channel their Farmville addiction to actually working in the farms to produce agricultural products, then we would be assured of food sufficiency… Our country is facing a food crisis and Agriculture sector is now on a decline… So guys grow up instead of becoming virtual agriculturists… :P

BTW guys got a great business idea…… Lets open a Rehab Centre for those addicted to Farmville… :D :P