Howto Hack/bypass Cyberoam!!!

Most of the organisations are implementing cyberoam –unified threat management system now-a-days…. Cyberoam is used to make filtrations to the sites being browsed by the users i.e. unwanted sites are being blocked (Eg: facebook, orkut etc) (I know its a real pain you know where.. :-/)

Let see the details of cyberoam before cracking cyberoam…

Cyberoam is Identity-based unified threat management appliances, offer comprehensive threat protection with firewall-VPN, anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion prevention system, content filtering in addition to bandwidth management and multiple link load balancing and gateway failover… Basically its a hardware based corporate FIREWALL.. Its probably the most effective firewall in the corporate sector, but that does not mean it can’t be bypassed (fooled)…. :)

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…

Similar if cyberoam is blocking something there should be an way to unblock it. Nothing is impossible in the world of programming…. The difficult part of cyberoam it is the system comprising of both hardware and software….

It DOES NOT block individual filetypes, what it does is to block fileservers that are known to peddle software not proper for the target individuals…. Which means even Torrents are mostly blocked….. Not good….. The list of blocked servers are constantly updated by the company so you need to be on the constant lookout for newer ways to fool the firewall…..

There are a few ways to fool the firewall….
1. Go for the data transfer method known as tunneling. By tunneling the download data through an allowed fileserver you could fool the system in thinking that you are downloading some good data (say Anti-Virus updates). In order to do this you will need to know some network programming….

2. Another way would be to use a PROXY software. The best free PROXY softwares that work in the Cyberoam network are
a. Vidalia (Tor) : This used to work wonderfully but I’m not sure wheather this still works. I think its worth a try. You can find it at
b. Ultrasurf : This one is an awesome Proxy. It can easily bypass the Cyberoam firewall but the connection needs to be good otherwise it keeps disconnecting. Always look for an updated edition at the site

3. Another cool way to fool the system is to use a VPN software like HAMACHI. …Find someone who would be willing to share a network connection with you, then connect through Hamachi and use the Net uninterrupted….. You could even setup a server at you own home and connect to your own computer…. Institutes normally require VPN services so they NEVER block VPN ports

One more way is little complicated and requires two different software’s and manual configurations…But ultimately at the end you get the freedom!! Freedom to be unmonitored!!!!

Step 1 : Download Free Port Scanner Software.

Step 2 : Install free port scanner.

Step 3 : Detecting the static IP assigned to your organisation.

Step 4 : Scanning open ports for your external IP address

Step 5 : Configuring proxy server – Download Proxifier – proxy software.

Step 6 : Install proxifier software

Sep 7 : Configuring Proxifier software

Although this method is a tedious , time consuming it yields the best results. It is almost impossible for the network admnistrator to block this method !!!!

Note :

  • It might not work if your organisation does not have an static IP.
  • You need to run proxifier first before opening the browser.