Strip/Remove HTML Tags from RSS in Yahoo Pipes!!!

Have being goofing around with Yahoo Pipes trying to clean up a feed and finally figured out how to remove all HTML tags from an RSS Feed, so I figured I better post this…

To clean up any feed you have to use an Operator – REGEX
Link it to your pipe populate the fields….
In my case I just needed the HTML stripped from the description, so I selected item.description in the first regex field….
Then added: Lessthan-period-astrisk-questionmark-greaterthan (Just it case it doesn’t publish right on the forum)


to the “replace” field and left the “with” field blank…. Then check the “G”, so it loops through the data….Finally connect the REGEX to the output and test.

You could used the same method by adding more expressions to the REGEX to filter all HTML from the other fields as well..

Hope this is helpful.. :)