WordPress 2.9 is Out!!!

The world’s most popular blogging engine has released it’s latest update and there’s a little something for everyone….

Whilst the most recent minor update to the blogging software was primarily concerned with plugging security vulnerabilities, this major release includes a number of major new features. These include a global undo function, meaning that accidentally deleted posts or comments can now be restored.

WordPress 2.9 also includes a new built-in image editor, providing basic functions such as rotation, cropping and resizing. Video embedding has also been simplified. In WordPress 2.9, it’s possible to simply paste the URL for an embedded video in a separate line, with coding being taken of automatically.

If you are interested in learning about what is new in WordPress 2.9, there is a great write up posted on Quick Online Tips which you can view here.  The post features the following new features:

  1. Thrash It
  2. Image Editor
  3. Batch Plugin Update
  4. Easier Video Embeds
  5. Database Optimization Support