Google’s Namebench to hunt down fastest DNS!!!

How you perform the task of choosing best DNS server? The famous one? The default ISP one? The knowingly reliable one? Don’t you think that its not a good practice to rely on things without self testing. Technically, DNS is one of most crucial point about your browsing experience, so how can you choose a DNS with not-so-well-defined process???

Google’s Namebench helps you hunt down the fastest DNS Servers available for your computer to use with a detailed method and report.

Namebench runs a fair and through benchmark using your web browser history (after all, browser behaviour changes over what you visit), tcpdump output, or standardized datasets in order to provide an individualized recommendation. It also determine cache-sharing relationships between different IP’s and removes the slowest of these servers to avoid improperly benchmarking them solely on cached results. It also reports on DNS misbehavior such as DNS hijiacking and censorship. Moreover, its completely free and doesn’t modify anything in your system.

So test it out.. Download it from here.