Coming Soon : The Google Phone!!!

The Google Phone or Gphone has been rumoured for a long time, and while many of us have doubted its existence until now, the evidence is mounting up. Numerous Google staff are actually using an unbranded Gphone, and pictures of it have been posted via Twitter. It’s called the Nexus One, it runs Google Android obviously… It’s being manufactured for Google by HTC.


The Google Phone


Google’s Mobile blog says staff are “dogfooding” the device “We recently came up with the concept of a mobile lab, which is a device that combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android to experiment with new mobile features and capabilities, and we shared this device with Google employees across the globe. This means they get to test out a new technology and help improve it.”

Although some blogs and magazines have confidently suggested the Nexus One will be launched in January, bear in mind there has been no official announcement, just a lot of speculation. But it is starting to look as though Google might be serious.