MIT Students Take Pictures from Near-space for $150!!!

Take two students from MIT + $150 + a notion to use a little science to make a little art….. and what do you get??? Eight gigabytes of near-space photographs and an experience to share to the rest of the world of citizen scientists!!! :)

A group of MIT students spent $150 to send a digital camera into the stratosphere to take photographs of the earth from near space. While the idea is not new, the MIT students claim that their launch and successful photography endeavor is the cheapest launch to date. The group built the craft with a weather balloon, helium, a Canon A470 digital camera, an ice chest, and a Motorola i290 prepaid cell phone that served as the GPS tracking device. Their balloon flew 17.5 miles up and returned five hours later.



To see their data and get more information, as well as to see a time lapse YouTube video of the photography, visit their website at http//