How To Become A Hacker???

120px-Glider.svgWhat does the word ‘HACKER’ mean? I am not worried about the English dictionary meaning of the word, but what does it really mean to you?

Go ahead and read this really wonderful & very famous article from Eric. S. Raymond How To Become Hacker.

Hackers mean builders as Eric goes on to mention in the essay that the hackers are the one who built the internet, the UNIX, LINUX or add any other computer related stuff here. He goes on to say that it’s just not in the field of computers, but hackers are prevalent everywhere and in every other field. He helps you understand the meaning of true ‘Hacker’ & what a HACKER is not? & guides you how to become a true hacker. I know you’d be interested in reading the article, since I had the same curiosity as I simply glanced through the topic in my office when searching for something else in the internet. At leisure – yes please make sure you’re free of thoughts & have good time & fresh mind to read this article. I know it’s pretty difficult to become a hacker, even following what Eric is suggesting on what makes you a hacker. But to me (which is applicable to me as well) – when we strive to follow what Eric says in this beautiful essay, one should become a good true hacker.