Google’s Chrome OS!!!

Unless you live in a cave and don’t care at all about technology you’ve probably heard that Google showed its Linux-based Chrome operating system to the world last week. Google has thrown the source code of it’s Chromiumn ‘OS’ project open to community.

The main focus of Google with this new OS has being on Speed, Simplicity and Security.

It takes about 7 seconds to to go the log-in screen. And another 3 seconds to log in to your application. Now this is called speed. Google is still working on making it faster. :)


Chrome OS Speed 

All data of Chrome OS is in the cloud. So every application is a web application. There are no native applications. This is what gives it simplicity.

As on data is on the machine it self, if you lose your machine, you just get a new one, and it works. As everything is a web app, the system is secure but not fully secure. If any application is in danger of being corrupted by malware, Chrome has been designed to reboot itself, after which a clean version of the OS is downloaded. Nearly all user data will be stored in the Google’s cloud computing service and will be encrypted and sychronized constantly between the netbook and the cloud.


Chrome OS security 

I would post a detailed review as soon as i test it out.

If you want to try it out you can you can download a VMware build directly from web site gdgt or the image is also available on Pirate Bay.

You can go through various FAQ on the Google Chrome Blog.