Fedora 12 ‘Constantine’ has been released!!!

fedora12The final release of Fedora’s 12th edition, code-named Constantine, is available for download, after a two-week slippage in its release schedule. The new RedHat community Linux distro includes power management features pulled from RHEL 5, improved support for netbooks, and a much-improved NetworkManager.

Fedora 12 can boot in 20 seconds, rivaling Ubuntu 9.10 and Windows 7.  Like other recent Linux releases, Fedora 12 also uses the more efficient and speedier ext4 as the default file system. As of Fedora 12, the base x86 architecture is now i686.  This move away from i586 means the end of the road for older style processors.  It also means that faster binaries can be created because of the concentration on current and future processor designs.

Fedora 12 also provides an easier way to install missing applications. A PackageKit browser plugin allows users to go online to securely install applications from websites.  To make things easier for those who still like the command line, its includes by default the PackageKit command not found functionality

Aside from including Gnome 2.28 and KDE 4.3 as desktop options, it includes the Fedora Moblin desktop.  Designed and optimized to run on netbooks or Mobile Internet Devices (MID), Fedora Moblin gives users another alternative to Ubuntu or Microsoft as desktops for these devices.

All in all, Fedora 12 is a major and compelling upgrade to a venerable Linux OS.  With the plethora of new features that Fedora 12 has, both hard core as well as casual users will surely pleased.

Have a look at Fedora 12 (release notes).