Mozilla Unveils Raindrop Messaging!!!

Just as Google Wave represents an attempt to imagine what e-mail would look like if it were invented today, Mozilla’s Raindrop represents an attempt to imagine a more modern communication client.


The Raindrop project was introduced the other day at the Mozilla Labs website by the Mozilla Messaging team which also develops the email client Thunderbird. Built around the idea that “email isn’t fun anymore,” Raindrop aims to be the only software program a user needs to manage all messaging needs. It does so by allowing the user to add different data sources like Gmail or Yahoo Mail accounts, Twitter, social networking messages or RSS Feeds to the application.

The messages are then processed and categorized by Raindrop in personal and bulk categories with personal messages prioritized over the others. This concept is not only applied to email messages that the user receives (think a reply from a friend which would be sorted into the personal category versus the latest offerings of the airline you flew with in the past) but also Twitter, Facebook and everything else (not sure how this is going to be applied to RSS feeds though).

Mozilla also wants to developers to build applications off of Raindrop and is releasing its API to help users customize their communications experiences. The back-end of the platform is a non-relational database (CouchDB) which was optimized for massive web interactions. The front-end, says Ascher, uses high-powered JavaScript libraries, modern CSS to give your best browser with the platform.

According to Mozilla’s introduction of the project:

Raindrop comes with a built-in experience that bubbles up what conversations are important to you. You can participate in the experience by writing extensions that use standard open Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Or, use the lower level APIs to make your own experience. You have control over your conversations and how you want to play with them.

Finding it similar to Google wave??

Even i was feeling this but as Google puts it Google Wave is “a product, platform, and protocol.” While we find Raindrop to be simply a product and platform.