Howto Company Blog!!!

A company blog is extremely challenging to create as well as maintain. The biggest challenge (which is not unique to a company blog) is finding the time to do it. Everyone’s busy with other work and blogging is just never part of the companies plan. But what companies don’t realize is that it should be a part of there plan form the very moment you start the company. Blogging is probably the best way of generating a buzz for your company. If your company blogs well it would definitely create more awareness, customers, press and publicity than anything else you can do.

Lets focus on the steps required to to set up your company blog.

1. One should use a simple domain name for there company blog ( for example if your company site is then use a sub-domain for a blog like or use ). The blog should be the integral part of your brand or website.

2. You should choose your blogging application carefully to suite your company needs or make a personal blogging application. Though i would personally recommend using WordPress. If you want to proved employees with individual blogs then i recommend using WordPress MU.

3. Make sure that the design of your blog is similar to your website design. This maintains continuity of your brand, and makes the blog easily recognizable. It also ensures the blog becomes a key part of your website (which should be the case ;) ).

4. Offer email and RSS subscriptions.

The content is also an important part of the company blog. The best company blogs will always publish a combination of posts, blending them in naturally with eachother. A great example is Signal vs. Noise from 37Signals. A more recent example of a killer company blog is the official Google Blog. The rules of good copywriting and blogging still apply no matter what you publish, but the diversity of content will help.