Google Chrome OS!!!

So Google’s going to release its own operating system. The company announced on Tuesday night, a move that threatens the very heart of Microsoft, long seen as Google’s biggest rival. Chrome OS, targeted at netbooks and those who spend most of their time on the Web.

Chrome OS is intended to be a very lightweight, quick-starting operating system whose central focus is supporting Google’s Chrome browser. Applications will run mostly inside the browser, making the web — not the desktop — into the computer’s default operating system. So in words the operating system would be good for people who live on the Internet. It would use software as services for users.

The OS is gonne be a Linux-based OS, whch would be the second for Google, following on Android, which is another open-source OS that intended for small devices such as mobile phones. Chrome OS will first be on netbooks — the popular lightweight and inexpensive notebook computers — in the second half of 2010, the company said in a blog post. Desktops will come later.

Google has already laid the ground work for a web OS by revolutionizing webmail with Gmail’s speed, features and capacity (now over 7GB). It followed that with free online word processing and spreadsheet software. Add in its online photo sharing services, and the myriad other online applications from Facebook to customized radio station Pandora, and most common uses of a computer can be done through a browser.

I agree that the concept of using the Internet to access applications is a great idea in developed countries, but in developing countries such as India and even continents like Africa it’s going to face more challenges as these places have have issues with regard to bandwidth and connectivity which would definitely limit the number of users opting to use Chrome OS.

If nothing else, Google has shaken up the operating system business quite a bit, with nothing more than an announcement of a future product. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next year or so, as they try to turn that announcement into a real tangible product.