Difference between Microsoft and Apple!!!

With both Microsoft and Apple have announced that their latest operating systems Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. Over the years I have noted a difference between them.

Microsoft is a behemoth, with its fingers in so many pies that there is not much in this world of microprocessors that doesn’t have a fingerprint of Microsoft on it. Microsoft is in almost everything, from music players, to the obvious computers, to the not-so-obvious automobiles, with its Sync product.

While Apple is not a company who has an overarching plan to ‘conquer worlds’. Because of this focus, Apple has, today, a growing number of fans who can not wait for the next market into which Apple positions itself. The Apple customer has no ill will toward the company, even though it has been pointed out, many times, an Apple product is overpriced, compared to its peers.

I have also noted a difference between Microsoft’s development cycles and Apple’s.

Apple is like the sniper who lies 1000 yards away behind the treeline, hidden under heavy camouflage. They wait and plan and remain invisible until the objective is lined up just right and the wind is in their favor. Then they squeeze the trigger once and it’s an instant kill :) (Which isn’t to say that the iPhone (for example) is perfect). But they have an almost perfect record of launching new products into a secure orbit on the first try.

While Microsoft is more like the coked-up druglord in “Scarface” (think his name was Tony Montana). They burst in with an AK-47 on full-auto and start spraying all over the room, slowly adjusting their fire until the line of bullet holes they’re punching into the wall catches up with the gangland rival who’s making a desperate run for the balcony :) . It’s noisy, messy and fully publicized. But still they get the same results.