Moving from blog to paid hosting!!!

I had a blog at but since it is free software, was very limited to what I wanted to do with it. So I moved to a paid hosting.

The free blog was

Initially i had bought a domain ( and had mapped it to my original wordpress blog. I searched a lot to find the best place to host my blog and i ended up buying hosting from the same place i bought my domain from Godaddy. The reason i used Godaddy was that installing wordpress on godadday can be done by just a single click. This makes your move extremely easy. I also found that they were the cheapest hosting company. The blog does not take up a lot of room so I’m starting of with the Economy Plan.It is $3.99 for 2 months or if you want a 12 month plan it is $3.79. I purchased the plan for 36 months and it was only $3.39 a month. The reason I purchased so long was:
1. the discount.
2. If I decide in a year to move to another hosting company, I will be refunded for the time that I have not used.
As time goes by, if I need more space I can upgrade but the Economy plan has plenty of available space! I already owned my domain, but if you purchase the hosting plan through godaddy, your domain purchase will only be US$1.99 at the time you buy the hosting plan. This is so much cheaper than any other place I have found.

All you need to do after buying hosting is install wordpress, which can be done by a single click and export your data and import it on your new wrodpress blog. It’s really easy and the total time it took me was around two hours. I really recommend people that can opt for paid hosting should definitely do it. When you start using then you realise how limited really is.
Cheers :)