Reasons to put Linux/Ubuntu on your netbook!!!

Microsoft pounded itself on the chest in April saying over 96% of netbooks now use Windows. This made me somewhat sad, because I was hoping these little computers could be the break Linux had been waiting for.
The first couple of netbooks all had Linux pre-installed. Unfortunately, Asus chose to go with a custom Linux distribution for which it has yet to release its first update. No Firefox 3, no Flash 10 and no easy way to get additional software. Except for the easy to use interface, they came up with the worst example of what Linux can be. But if there’s one thing Linux offers its choice. It is my opinion that Ubuntu is the most user-friendly Linux distro out there, and I highly recommend giving it a go on your netbook.
Here are some reasons why you should use linux(Ubuntu) on netbooks instead of windows…

1. It does everything what netbooks should do…

There’s no Adobe Photoshop for Linux, and the same goes for many other professional applications. There are alternatives, but that’s not the point here. Running Photoshop on an Atom processor is no fun. That’s the kind of thing you do on a desktop PC or a high-end laptop. Ubuntu comes with everything installed that you need to surf the web, chat, download (a bittorrent client!) and email. Oh, and OpenOffice too.

2. It’s extremely configurable

If you’re even slightly geekish (like me ;)), you’ll probably like tinkering with a new Operating System. Ubuntu, like any Linux distribution is extremely configurable. Lots of options to play with, tons of new software to get to know. But even if you’re not into all that, you’ll find Ubuntu to be incredibly easy to operate and very stable.

3. It’s got fast boot time

Ubuntu 9.04 version of Linux has proven that it doesn’t need to take minutes to boot into a fully operational OS. Intel’s Moblin also boots in seconds, even on slower hardware. Because of the nature of open source software, Linux would always have an edge over windows in this field.

4. F for Free and Freedom

When you use Windows XP on netbooks, it takes a long time to boot and then you have to wait for the updates to finish. Firewall, virus definitions, Windows Updates. Not fun at all. And once all that was done you’d be looking at XP’s ugly (and ancient) user interface. It’s like working on your PC, just a lot slower.
With Ubuntu, using your netbook has becomes a little adventurous, :) because everything normally don’t work out of the box you’ll occasionally need to figure out how to do something, and that’s when you come across Linux’ best feature. Its user community is full of helpful people. I’ve never not been able to do something I wanted, and even the most challenging issues took no longer than minutes to fix. :)

Talk about Microsoft Statistics..:D

Most netbooks might be sold with Windows on them, but the only reason you didn’t get one with Linux was because those weren’t actually available. Very few Linux models are, so everyone wanting to run Linux on them will still need to buy a Windows version. That will definitely skew the statistics.

But I don’t want to be a poor sport here… It’s upto people to decide what they like or dislike. Some people like Windows because they are familiar to it.. :) Others like to be adventurous and wanna go off the track.. for them there’s Linux.. :)

Cheers :)