Ubuntu 9.04 on Dell XPS M1530!!!

I’ve installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my XPS M1530 (both 64 and 32 bit) and it worked, beautifully, right out of the box. I recommend every Dell XPS M1530 user to use Ubuntu 9.04 as everything works right out of the box. 

The install time was insanely fast and easy. The boot time now is pretty less, around 25 seconds. I got the fingerprint reader to work, find it really useful that typing the password again and again (I’ll post how to make it to work really soon), the webcam worked great using Cheese (in the repository). The 64bit tended to drain the battery a bit too fast–understandable. I ended up reinstalling and going back to 32bit as there were a few applications which were needed and weren’t yet ported over to 64bit.

I used envy to get my Nvidia 8600GT to work. The best thing I find about Ubuntu 9.04 on Dell XPS M1530 is that there is no more need to tweak the mouse pad, the camera or anything else! :D