Green Verticale Line’s while playing movies in VLC!!!

Sometimes while playing movies or videos in VLC you may have noticed that green vertical bar comes up on the video and the color of the video gets distorted. I didn’t know at first what causes it but after playing around with it a little i found out that Xgl causes these line to come up above the video. When i had xgl uninstalled, the green thick line at the top of some videos played in VLC was gone. But after reinstalled xgl, the green line was back. I played the video’s using the (non-GUI, terminal command) mplayer command, lines were not visible in this. But the lines were visible in the GUI version of mplayer. The basic problem is that default output module used by VLC is XVideo.The simple solution is to change the output module to whatever works best for you.
Now coming to the point on how to change the module :
VLC > Tools > Preferences > Video > Output > change the default to what you want by the drop down box.

If you face problems please leave comments. :)