Experience of freed.in!!!

Freed.in is an event thats held at JNU where people who are interested in FOSS come from various walks of life. The aim of this event is to motivate people to move over to FOSS by having talks from people from ILUGD, other local FOSS communities and other FOSS developers. This time discussions and talks were held on OSDD, GNU/Linux Clusters, WikiEducator and Django. This was the first time that i attended an event like this.. and its a experience that i would not forget. It was a day two day event held on 20th and 21st of February . The unique inauguration ceremony, freed.in has never had a chief guest other than members of the community. The best thing about this year was that it was arranged without any sponsors. Students from our college took part in the event acting as volunteers. I was a volunteer as well as a speaker at freed.in. I represented a group of students from our college, our talk was on “Learning through Open Source: Our experience with GNU/Linux-based clustering” which is the project we are currently doing at my college. Getting to know so many people from the world of FOSS was really nice. I’ll attend it every year now on.. would try to attend foss.in too this time. :D
You can have a look at the pictures at Flickr