FOSS Workshop!!!

A workshop on Free and open source softwares was conducted at Acharya Narendra Dev College on 29th of January. The workshop was kicked of by the screening of a movie Pirates of The Silicon Valley which tells us about the history of Apple and Microsoft. Following the movie was a presentation by Mr. Gora Mohanty on “Introduction to Free Software” and “The local FOSS community” which gave the students knowledge what FOSS is and why it is important form a students point of view. This was followed by a presentation on “Mobile Computing, OpenMoko, and open-source hardware” by Mr. Supreet Sethi, a presentation that i personally wanted to attend and which i liked a lot :). OpenMoko is about how FOSS can be on cellphones. A presentation on rapid web application development was also conducted with Ruby on Rails by Mr. Sawood Alam. He also gave us a live demo on how to go about it. To sum it all up i think the workshop was successful in its aim to get students as well as faculty an introduction as well as experience of FOSS.
Here are some pictures of the workshop.