FOSS for Windows!!!

I got a a lot of requests to publish a list of free and open source softwares(FOSS) for windows. This would be useful for people that are not comfortable to move away from windows.

Windows version FOSS version
Microsoft Office OpenOffice Suite
Internet Explorer Firefox
Outlook Thunderbird
MSN / AIM / Yahoo / Gtalk / IRC Pidgin
Adobe Photoshop Gimp, Inkscape
Quicken / Quickbooks GnuCash
Microsoft Publisher Scribus
Microsoft Project OpenProj
Microsoft Paint Paint.NET, Tux Paint
Adobe Acrobat Professional PDFCreator for creating PDF, Sumatra PDF for viewing PDF
Adobe Illustrator Sodipodi, Inkscape
Windows Media Player VLC
iTunes Amarok 2 currently a beta version
Nero CD/DVD burning InfraRecorder
BitTorrent / uTorrent Azureus/Vuze
Windows Image Viewer Cornice
Final Cut Pro / Avid Liquid / Windows Movie Maker VirtualDub
Visio Dia
FrontPage/DreamWeaver Nvu, SeaMonkey
Skype Ekiga (includes free normal telephone number via
Notepad Notepad2, Notepad++
audio editing and/or recording Audacity
WinZip 7-Zip
Window Media Center / TiVo MediaPortal 2
WinFax Faxtastic
anti-virus / anti-spyware Clamwin
3-D Studio Blender
Backup tool Abakt
FTP client FileZilla
database management MySQL
RSS feed reader RSSOwl

OpenDisc is a collection of open source software for the Microsoft Windows operating system, I recommend people that use windows to use it. I tried my level best to go through as many windows softwares as possible and find there FOSS alternatives. If i have left any leave a comment i’ll update the post. :)