Pidgin gives error for google accounts!!!

I faced a lot of problems with my Google account in pidgin while trying to connect to Google talk. It used to get “timed out” sometimes and other times used to give a “connection error”. While browsing the web i found the solution at gtalk support site. The solution that worked for me was :

In pidgin goto Accounts/Manage Accounts. Then select the Gmail account and click modify.
After this go in the advanced tab and perform the following changes
1) check “Require SSL/TLS”
2) check “Force old (port 5223) SSL
3) Do not check “Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams”
4) Change the connection port to 443
5) Change th connection server to “”
6) Change the proxy type to “Use Global/Gnome Proxy settings”

The Screenshot would provide more Guidance :

Please leave a comment if any problems are faced. :)