How to convert chm files to pdf in linux!!!

CHM stands for Microsoft Compiled HTML Help. I really don’t like to use chm files(as it is a proprietary format). While surfing the net i found a google code to convert chm into pdf. I’ll show t=you how to install the python code and convert a file now :

Firstly download the package from the site.

Then install the following packages from Synaptic Package manager:
* libchm1
* libchm-bin
* libchm-dev
* python-chm
* htmldoc
* htmldoc-common

Now extract the downloaded package by right clicking on it and selecting the extract here option.

After that enter the directory where the package is extracted via terminal and type
sudo python install

Now to use the code type in the terminal
/usr/bin/chm2pdf (–book / –webpage) [options] input_filename [output_filename]
where one of the options either –book or –webpage has to be there

/usr/bin/chm2pdf –book xxxx.chm xxxx.pdf

please leave a comment if you face any problems