Alternatives to Windows Software!!!

Here is a list of alternatives to some softwares that normally windows users use:

Windows version Linux’s version
Microsoft Office OpenOffice Suite
Internet Explorer Firefox
Outlook Evolution
Advanced E-Mail Client Thunderbird
MSN / AIM / Yahoo / Gtalk / IRC Pidgin
Photoshop Gimp
Quicken / Quickbooks GnuCash
Microsoft Publisher Scribus
Microsoft Project OpenProj
Adobe Acrobat Professional “print to a PDF file” is built-in
Adobe Illustrator Sodipodi
Windows Media Player Totem or VLC
iTunes Rhythmbox or Amarok
Picasa F-Spot
Nero CD/DVD burning Brasero or K3B
CD ripping Sound Juicer
BitTorrent / uTorrent Ktorrent
Windows Image Viewer F-Spot
Final Cut Pro / Avid Liquid / Windows Movie Maker Kino
Visio Dia
FrontPage KompoZer
DreamWeaver Screem
Skype Ekiga (includes free normal telephone number via
Notepad Gedit
muti-user collaborative editor Gobby
wifi network manager Wifi Radar
audio editing and/or recording Audacity
hyperlinked post-it notes Tomboy
desktop sharing for support / VNC / virtualization Vinagre
WinZip File Roller
Window Media Center / TiVo MythTV
WinFax GFax
graphic charting Inkscape
charting for programmers Umbrello
backup — to local or network Simple Backup
backup — to CDs or DVDs Home User Backup
backup — including configuration files QuickStart
WinRAR File Roller
eMule downloading aMule
3-D Studio Blender
FTP client FileZilla
database management MySQL
audio handler PulseAudio
anti-virus / anti-spyware none (there is no such thing as a virus or spyware in Linux :P)
run Windows applications on Ubuntu Wine
disk usage analysis Disk Usage Analyzer

All these applications may b installed via any package manager if present htey are present in it or by downloading the respected files from the applications site and installing it. If any problem fell free to comment. :)