Dell XPS M1530 fingerprint reader in Linux!!!

Using a fingerprint reader to access your account is better than typing those long passwords again and again in Linux. Some people have said that even if it works in Linux sometimes it doesn’t recognize your fingerprint, well if u swipe your finger “properly” it surly works :). I you have Ubuntu 8.10 then here are a couple of steps that you would need to follow :

First edit your /etc/apt/source.list
sudo gedit /etc/apt/source.list
and then add the lines :
deb intrepid main
deb-src intrepid main

to the end of the file, and save and exit.

Now in the terminal type:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install thinkfinger-tools

Now reboot and then try and test the driver by typing the following in the terminal
tf-tool –acquire

If it gives an error as
animesh@animesh-laptop:~$ tf-tool –acquire

ThinkFinger 0.3 (
Copyright (C) 2006, 2007 Timo Hoenig

Initializing… done.
Error while opening “/home/animesh/.thinkfinger.bir”: Permission denied.
Could not open ‘/home/animesh/.thinkfinger.bir’.

Then just try with sudo tf-tool –acquire

Now try and verify it by
tf-tool –verify (use sudo if you used sudo before to acquire your fingerprint)

Now edit your /etc/pam.d/common-auth by typing in the terminal :
gedit /etc/pam.d/common-auth
To make it look like.
# here are the per-package modules (the “Primary” block)
auth sufficient
auth [success=1 default=ignore] try_first_pass nullok_secure
# here’s the fallback if no module succeeds

Now type
sudo tf-tool –add-user $USERNAME
So that you can login using your finger than password
and to use your finger as root password type
tf-tool –add-user root

To unlock the screen saver using your finger is given at this site (as it is not working for many users of 8.10 i have not included it in this post :()
If you face any problems plz leave a comment.