How to access Linux partition from windows!!!

A lot of newbies to Linux normally make there machines dual boot(Linux + Windows). One question they normally ask is that if they are working in Windows(should be for some good reason ;)) how can they access there Linux partition. The reason that you can not access your Linux partition by default is because it uses ext2/3 file system format, which is not recognized by windows. The solution that i use(even i work in windows sometime :D) is a software called FS-Driver. You simply have to download the exe file for windows, double click to install(it looks like the windows partition manager) then select the partition and the drive letter you wanna assign to it. after all this work your Linux partition can be seen in My Computer. One more tool that can be used is ext2fsd, which is similar to fs-driver. I personally use ext2fsd. As simple as this :). If there are any problems plz leave a comment.
The article is made via personal experience of using fs-driver.
Screershots of etx2fsd :