Linux Workshop!!!!!!

As a initiative taken by our college to move to 100% FOSS and GNU/Linux, a workshop on Linux, FOSS & Clustering was held from 5th to 7th Jan in my college Acharya Narendra Dev College. The Focus Area: History, Philosophy, Development, Growth, Versatility, Affordability & Security of FOSS with special emphasis on Linux operating system. As our main Resource persons we had Amit Karpe and Dnyanraj Mali who were part of the effort the large and successful effort among academia and industry in Pune to migrate to Linux. Mr. Niyam Bhushan (Graphic Designer and FOSS enthusiast) was also present to motivate the students and faculty towards FOSS and Linux. During the three days the participants learned about FOSS and GNU/Linux.
A installfest was held where participants learned about installation of Linux as well as other softwares and also problems faced by Linux users were dealt with and solved.
For the past one year a group of B.Sc.[H] Comp. Sc. students (four to be precise were there at starting but due to course pressure now there three) and a dedicated Teacher of Physics are trying there level best and have succeeded in making A GNU/Linux based cluster of 6 computers using Parallel Knoppix. This was the first time that it was presented to an audience and now our aim is to attract attention to the on going developments in our college. :)
Here are a couple of presentations :
The ANDC Cluster
Parallel Programming on the ANDC Cluster